Hellmann was the first company to show an enrichable cage, on “Space” in Rennes, France, in 2000. In many countries worldwide, regulations are being discussed that are to decide the welfare of laying hens. In those countries where the regulations are not yet final, it is very difficult to decide between putting in normal cages or enrichable or even enriched cages. With our experience, we can boast that the technical performance of the enrichable cages almost as good as or as good as those of the non-enrichable cages. Although enrichable cages are usually deeper, which in theory is a disadvantage for egg quality, they are also much higher and offer more space to the birds, which becomes the health of the hens and therefore the egg quality.

Contrary to many competitors, Hellmann offers enrichable cages with a frame-type partition that allows a flexible floor suspension. Other advantages are that in future there are some standard positions for nests, perches, filling augers etc. available, but if regulations are implemented differently than expected, there is still a vast flexibility to install enrichments differently than planned. The enrichable cages are available in depths of 56-92.5 cm (22 – 36.4”) and in widths of 60.25 or 61.25 cm  (23.7 or 24.1”) and in multiplications thereof. The widest enriched cages at this moment is 4.9 meters wide (193”).

For different climatological environments, the cages are available with solid, perforated or wire partitions and in different cage heights.  Amongst others, Hellmann offers feed chain or travelling hoppers, the Lift system, invented by Hellmann, or two different types of elevators, many options like automatic flush, egg saver, stepping rails, different typs of inspection carts, manure drying, etc. Of course, Hellmann can also supply controls (ranging from simple control panels to computerized controls with farm management software), feed bins, manure conveyors, lighting systems and ventilation systems.


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